It dawned on me today just how many students use Twitter. When I saw that #mathsgcse was trending at 4pm and the exam finished at 3.30pm, it was clear that young people are using the Twitter tool to communicate about their learning/exams experiences. Some were exchanging panic/angst at the exam and reminded me of when I would huddle outside the exam hall after a daunting exam exchanging ideas on questions and worrying I’d got one wrong. Our students are doing the same thing, but virtually, through Twitter.

A colleague and I are exploring Twitter’s use in school and the classroom and we have recently both developed departmental Twitter feeds (RGSMusicDept and RGSHistory) which are aimed at keeping students informed about home learning, exam/revision tips, curriculum content etc. Its pros far outweigh the cons; it keeps students, parents and staff up to date on the life of the department/school and gives them a sense of involvement.

It’s not for everyone, but I think it could be huge. There are possibilities I’m exploring at the moment which involve cross-classroom links with my friend’s school in Texas and how we can use Twitter and Skype in a learning context. I’m excited about it.

I’d love to hear how other schools/practitioners are using technology in the classroom, particularly Twitter and mobile technology…….


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4 Responses to Twitterazi

  1. kenradical says:

    Linking with mobile technology is clearly the key to future development. We need to investigate the potential of using mobile phones in class to encourage debate and make it visual. For example, I am planning on doing this with Year 13 on an essay looking at Stalin. If we tell students to use a specific hashtag say #stalinessay, you could leave this feed on an IWB and students could update their opinions during the lesson. I think we need to think about the outcome of this too though, would it enhance learning or just be fun?

    • timshel82 says:

      I love this.

      would it enhance learning or just be fun?

      I think if it engages students it enhances learning, surely?

      Could you make the hash tags more personal to school, e.g. #RGSstalinessay / #kennettstalinessay which would make it almost entirely for them?

      • kenradical says:

        Nice idea. Good to make it even more specific to them. They can also then assess everyone’s ideas after class. SLT just need to agree it now!

    • timshel82 says:

      I’m up for helping to try and convince them.

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