Learning sponsored by Google: Google Apps in the classroom

Today I decided to use Google Apps in the classroom. I was so excited – the Year 8 class were loving it. Something new, something exciting, something to get hold of.

Their task was to, based around their current scheme of work on Indian music, research three Indian instruments (sitar, tambura and tabla) and create a Google presentation. Also, at some point in the lesson, they were to contribute to a class discussion taking place on a Google document shared with the whole class. By sharing a document, it means whoever you want to view/edit it can do so. The cool thing is that when you have editing rights, alongside many other people, you see ‘live’ writing happening on the screen – 28 others all adding their thoughts. Amazing to see. I almost videoed it, I’m that much of a geek.

The presentations that the students completed could also be shared with me, so I can view and mark them either in the lesson or at home/work. I can add ‘comments’ which appear at the side of the screen with a Twitter-esque style format, e.g. “@ewilson168 Can you expand further on that point?” etc. So many possibilities!

Benefits of Google Apps in learning (in no particular order):

  • immediate. paperless. printer-less.
  • teacher interaction
  • student ownership
  • collaborative learning/sharing
  • lower achieving students can see examples of higher achieving students’ work = motivation
  • learning meets the 21st century students
  • stimulating for students = something different
  • can be accessed at home. easy to access.
  • easy to monitor 
It’s a good idea to download Google Chrome if you’re using Apps. I found this out the hard way when I booked laptops for my whole class and the browser didn’t support the full features of Google Apps.
Today has inspired me and excited me. I have really enjoyed exploring how we can bring learning out of its/our comfort zone. This is when effective learning takes place; when we’re willing to take risks, get uncomfortable and push through. The learning atmosphere of my lessons was different today. I loved it.

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2 Responses to Learning sponsored by Google: Google Apps in the classroom

  1. herrn96 says:

    Enjoyed the post! Really conveys the energy and excitement that using something new [that works!] can bring into learning. Worth reflecting on how the experience can be tweaked and further improved. What did the students think about it all? What’s next on your list of experiments?

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